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Past Due Balance Invoices

Would like the ability to create a "past due balance invoice" (i.e. an invoice with no new time entries but only showing the remaining past due amount carried forward from an unpaid prior invoice(s)).

Many clients will not accept a "Statement of Account" and it can be confusing to resend copies of previously sent invoices, or to create a dummy "no charge" time entry to "force" TimeSolv to create a new invoice for a month where there are no new time entries, in order to, for example, show a partial payment having been applied. A useful feature of the TimeSlips system [that I wish TimeSolv would implement] is the ability to automatically print out "Past Due Balance" invoices each month, which also show partial payments as they were received/applied.

  • Guest
  • Jan 28 2021
How often would you use this request?

With every monthly invoice run.

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  • Guest commented
    19 Jul, 2023 02:31pm

    The ability to to modify the Statement of Account would be greatly appreciated. Our previous time/billing software provided the invoice number, date and A/R aging for the client.

  • Jessica Alm commented
    24 Jan, 2023 05:33pm

    I already do this... within your flexible template for your invoice, if you "Compute Balance Due" as of the current date (not as of the current invoice) then you can resend invoices with the most accurate accounting balances due quickly each month. This would pull in partial payments and credits applied should they exist. This is better than a statement as it contians a valid invoice number, itemized billing details required by most AP departments to process, and up to date a/r balances so overpayments or underpayments do not occur.

  • Guest commented
    1 Feb, 2022 01:05pm

    YES! Following up on outstanding balances would be much easier if TimeSolv could produce a simple report like this.

  • Guest commented
    17 Dec, 2021 03:51pm

    Or a statement with a date range, so that we could do all activity for a certain time period.

  • Happy Rodes commented
    1 Nov, 2021 05:05pm

    This would be very helpful. Statements for past due balances are not a good option for our firm.