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Add a "Select Timekeepers" option to have a limited list of other Timekeepers names as options for a Timekeeper - not as a Support person - when putting in Expenses

Hi TimeSolv Team,

We have clients who need to authorize each person with a line item in an invoice. However, that process can sometimes take months or get stalled indefinitely, as some are through automated systems whose minders have varying response times.

Due, in part, to the above, we have Timekeepers (specifically, paralegals) who need to both be able to bill Time, and also put Expenses under the name of another Timekeeper, both for accuracy (correct Timekeeper) and expediency (a client-approved Timekeeper on the client invoice).

It would be helpful to allow Timekeepers the option of selecting from the few other Timekeepers we would allow them to see (using "Select Timekeepers"), rather than making them Support (no Time keeping), or having them seeing everyone and having wider permissions. This is currently only a feature for Support, not Timekeepers.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration!

  • Guest
  • Mar 16 2023
How often would you use this request?

At least one of our paralegals would be using it multiple times per week.

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