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Transferring / Moving Time and Expense Entries

It would be great to have a feature at the draft invoice level to transfer or move time and/or expense entries from one matter to another matter.

At the moment it would be great to not have the transaction listed as "Pending" status when the transaction is on a draft invoice as opposed to a finalized invoice. This would help immensely at the moment with the existing feature of moving or transferring time and/or expense entries at the Time or Expense level so as not to have the user to undo a draft and then recreate a new draft.

Also currently, the Expense level does not have a 'Move/Copy' feature, but it has an 'Edit' feature to transfer the expense entry. The Time level has both an 'Edit' feature as well as a 'Move/Copy' feature in which both the 'Edit' and 'Move' feature perform the same function to move the time entry. This does tend to make performing a transfer of an time and/or expense entry a bit confusing as to whether one feature makes a difference in transferring a transaction.

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  • Aug 26 2022
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How often would you use this request?

I would use this feature nearly every single time I have to process edits to a draft invoice.

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