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In the Invoices area, I would like the top section frozen so you can see it at all times.

It's nice to see the choices instead of having to scroll back to the top to check them.

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  • Sep 13 2019
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  • Paula Barnett commented
    20 Dec, 2023 05:21pm

    Thank you!!

  • Admin
    Shoaib Mehmood commented
    20 Dec, 2023 04:55pm

    The issue has been resolved. The screen now adjusts to the available vertical space to display the optimum number of rows. Thank you for your feedback!

  • Admin
    Shoaib Mehmood commented
    14 Dec, 2023 08:54am

    Thank you. We are working on a resolution.

  • Paula Barnett commented
    11 Dec, 2023 01:12pm

    I'm reattaching it. I redacted the client names.

  • Admin
    Shoaib Mehmood commented
    11 Dec, 2023 05:11am

    Hi Paula. Kindly attach the screenshot again.

  • Paula Barnett commented
    8 Dec, 2023 01:52pm

    It's great that you've done this, but now about one-third of the screen is blank from the bottom up (see attachment) and the area where the data is has shrunk. Can the screen be restored?

  • Admin
    Shoaib Mehmood commented
    8 Dec, 2023 06:36am

    Starting with the Draft and Sent Invoice screens, the following enhancements have been made:

    • Top section buttons are now always visible.

    • Pagination controls have been moved to the top.

    • Totals are visible on all pages so that the user does not have to navigate to the last page just to view the totals.

    We will be making similar changes on the Clients and the Time/Expense Search screens.

  • Roy Edelstein commented
    5 Nov, 2019 01:50pm

    If you are revamping UI, I think the timer UI could use significant upgrade
    (most of which would be very small changes that would make a huge
    difference). I've included a bunch of suggestions about timer UX in the
    suggestion area and really hope that they will get addressed. The UX of
    the timer feels to me like the most basic building component of this tool,
    and having worked w/ other timers that were much easier I'm honestly not
    100% on board w/ TS yet. I want some of the convenience of the invoicing
    features (which is why i'm doing a paid test of TS), but the timer UX could
    be so much better with a few small changes that can make or break it for me.
    - Roy

    On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 8:31 AM TimeSolv <
    ebde8e227d374b9ea59f99b5-timesolv@iad-prod2.mailer.aha.io> wrote:


  • Admin
    Shoaib Mehmood commented
    5 Nov, 2019 01:30pm

    We are planning on revamping the UI of TimeSolv, will incorporate this suggestion then.