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Add ability to enter a cost for a resource based on an activity

When my resources travel, they bill for their travel time at 1/2 rate. Therefore, their cost of that travel time is also at half rate. Since their hourly cost is not entered by an activity or task, this throws off my Resource Profitability report.

For example, if the resource travel 8 hours and their billing rate is $200, then we would bill the travel time as 8 hours * $100 / hour (half rate) or $800. if that resource has an hourly cost of $150 then the travel time costed (8 * 75 = $600). According to the Resource Profitably report the cost of the travel time is (8 * 150 = $1200) so shows a profit of (800 - 1200 =-$400). It should show a profit of ($800 - 600 = $200)

  • Guest
  • Nov 4 2021
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