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Add a way to see last timer actions I did (starts, stops, etc. chronologically)

If I forget to start or stop timer, I don't have any way to recreate my last few actions, so I don' t know how much time I need to write off or add.  If I was able to see my last action or two, I could better estimate how much time I'm off by. 


In other timers I've used, each time I start/stop there is a new timer (it inherits information from last time I ran that timer, but logs it as a new timer, so I can change the description, etc), and it displays the start and stop time for each timer, so I can easily recreate my path. 

  • Roy Edelstein
  • Oct 10 2019
How often would you use this request?

Currently I'm still using my old timer as a safety next, but that's clearly not practical for the long term.  I catch  a mistake starting or stopping a timer often enough that if I didn't have a way to retrace my steps it would get expensive.  Maybe at least 1x/wk.  When I'm busy with many moving pieces it's easier to make a mistake, and that can be expensive if I then end up writing off time that I worked.

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  • Daniel Ray commented
    4 Jan, 2022 07:35pm

    Agreed! Just showing the actual start and stop times for each timer (e.g. started at 1:00:00pm, stopped at 1:30:30pm) would be a big help with this.