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Enable sorting timers so most recent is at top. ( #TimerUXeasyimprovements)

If I have multiple timers for a day two problems arise:  1.  my active timer, and other recent ones may fall below the fold so I can't see them when I've got the edit fields visible, and 2.  if I have multiple timers for single client I need to read the fine print of what activities I was doing under that timer.


Also, 90% of the time if I'm going back to a timer it's one that I had running recently, so keeping the most recent at top (or at least letting me sort that way) would let me just look at the top few and not scroll through them alphabetically. 

  • Roy Edelstein
  • Oct 10 2019
  • Will not implement
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  • Roy Edelstein commented
    10 Oct, 2019 07:56pm

    I squint my eyes and read the fine print, and scroll down to timers below the fold, and get frustrated.  Other times I've used default to listing the timers in the order they were used, so it's easy to find what I was working on last.