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Please get rid of the start/end date boxes on the Trust screen. They are nothing but trouble!

You appear to have added start/end date boxes that are required for searching a client's trust account. Worse yet, they only allow you to search for a year at a time! More often than not, I need to see ALL of a client's trust transactions, and I REALLY don't need some date filter returning incomplete/incorrect results when I run a search because I didn't or couldn't set a correct start date. (And yes, I know there is a trust transaction report for that, but it's clunky...I use this screen because I can see everything I need in one place and can switch from one client to another quickly.) It's okay if you want to add that for people who like to narrow their search results, but PLEASE don't make that a required field.

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  • Jul 31 2021
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  • Heather Thone commented
    2 Sep, 2021 04:52pm

    This new feature is AWFUL! I am trying to refund a trust balance to a client but since the original payment came in in 2014, and I am limited to 1 year, I can't determine the amount to refund accurately when I am issuing a refund because I can't get a list of all transactions for that client on that screen. Further, if I go into the client and look at their trust history to get the balance, the refund that I started entering is deleted because I can't switch between screens. AND if I enter the wrong amount, I can't simply edit the amount - I have to delete it and start over. I have been working on this for 15 minutes so far and still don't have it correct. PLEASE REVERT THIS TO THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE THE UPDATE!!!!!