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Revised Client Account Ledger Report with Totals

In a client ledger account report, we want to be able to see, (1) the total amount owed, (2) the total amount paid, (3) the balance.

The current report in Timesolv is just a running balance report or a transaction report and this doesn't help in collections. We would like to be able to tell our client, this is how much you paid and this is how much you owe by gathering the data from one report.

I am attaching a Tabs3 report that will help give you an idea of what we need for our clients. We don't need total hours , total fees, total expenses. I highlighted the relevant columns.

We basically need the following columns to appear on the ledger:

  1. Date (Payment/ Invoice date - currently present on your ledger entries report)

  2. Transaction (Payment/Invoice -currently present on your ledger entries report)

  3. Invoice Total

  4. Payment Total

  5. Balance (currently present on the report)

At the bottom of this report should be all the totals

  • Taisha Pickett
  • Jun 22 2021
How often would you use this request?

I would use this report on a daily to weekly basis. I need this report to assist in collecting monies from our clients.

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