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Matter Name shows up in the Payment line in an Invoice when Multiple Matters are being paid

We have many clients that have multiple matters. When a payment is entered for a client with open invoices on multiple matters, then the same matter name shows up on all invoices for e.g., if a payment is entered under General Matters and there are 2 other matters: Corporate and Real Estate for that client that have open balances. If a payment is entered under General matters and the box is checked to show invoices for all matters, you can apply the payment to the open balances for Corporate and Real Estate matters. However, when the invoices are generated, on the Corporate and Real Estate matter invoices, in the payment section, it will list the General matters name (since that's where the payment was originally entered). This should be fixed as the General Matters has absolutely no relevance to the payments for Corporate and Real Estate matters.

  • Anu Lundberg
  • Dec 29 2020
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Daily! Every time I enter a payment for a client with more than one matter

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  • Crystal Ludlow commented
    12 Aug, 2023 05:57pm

    We have a similar situation. I just had to spend a half hour explaining to a client that the credit they were seeing is just a payment that had to be attributed to one matter and allocated out. Also, occasionally we have had to send invoices to third parties who are entitled to limited information and I have to redact all of the references to other matters and amounts in the relevant invoice.

  • Kathie Forbes commented
    16 Jul, 2021 05:26pm

    I have a similar issue. Back in Oct 2020 I allocated some trust payments from the 01 matter to the 02 matter. Still today, 8-9 months later those payments across matters are still showing on each new invoice (on both matters). It is very confusing for the clients and very frustrating for me that I can't make those old payments disappear.

  • Guest commented
    16 Jan, 2021 02:28am

    Totally agree - thanks.