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See Inactive Jobs in a Time Search and Invoice Inactive Jobs

The nature of our client/firm relationship is based on the fiscal year, so jobs budgets, billing preferences, expiring retainers are assessed each July 1. I would like to be able to close out (deactivate) all prior year jobs and set up new jobs for each client on July 1 and then have the ability to draft invoices for June for the newly inactive jobs. Also throughout the year as jobs finish TimeKeepers would like for the Job to be deactivated as soon as a budget is exhausted to avoid extra clicking while time keeping, however if I inactivate they won't be captured on the month's billing run so the useless choice on the drop down lingers for up to a month. Also, Timekeepers when reviewing work they've done or to see how a co-worker may have assisted a client are not able to search time for an inactive job.

  • April Tinelli
  • Jul 9 2020
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