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Consolidating Fixed Fee Matters with Time & Expense Matters for Invoicing

Right now, TimeSolv will not allow you to consolidate matters when one is a Flat/Fixed Fee matters and another is a Time & Expense Hourly matter when it comes to Invoicing. Indeed, if you try to check "consolidate", and error appears, which says it cannot be done (as to the Flat/Fixed Fee matter) because it is a Flat/Fixed Fee matter., and therefore, will not let you consolidate those matters. Simply put, since there is the capability to set max amounts and hours in Flat/Fixed Fee matters, it would be great if the system: 1) allowed you to consolidate matters with different invoice templates, and 2) when the Flat/Fixed Fee matter reaches its hours limit, the remainder of the time entries be billed on at the associated hourly rate.

A common practice among attorneys is to offer “blended” engagements, which means the engagement is neither all hourly, all contingency and/or all flat fee.

For example, my firm offers flat fee engagements for a certain # of hours, wherein once that certain # of hours is exceeded, additional work is charged for on an hourly basis.

Here is an example of how this works:

Flat Fee of $1,000 for 5 hours of attorney time.

Work over and above 5 hours will be billed at $350.

The attorney performs a TOTAL of 10 hours of work in increments of 2 hours each day (to keep the math simple for illustration purposes).

Day 1 – 2.0 hours (part of $1,000 flat fee)

Day 2 – 2.0 hours (part of $1,000 flat fee)

Day 3 – 2.0 hours (after the first hour is performed on this day, the Flat Fee 5 Hours of allotted time is now exhausted; therefore, the second 1.0 hour of Day 3 should be billed on an hourly basis)

Day 4 – 2.0 hours (billed on an hourly basis)

Day 5 – 2.0 hours (billed on an hourly basis)


TOTAL Hours @ Flat Fee = $1,000

TOTAL Hours @ Hourly Rate = $1,750 (5 Hrs x $350/hr)


TOTAL FEES Due: $2,750 ($1,000 Flat Fee + $1,750 Hourly Fees)

The above is how the invoicing and calculations should be done if TimeSolv was able to allow a function us to consolidate for invoicing – matters that have both Flat/Fixed Fee portions and Time & Expense Hourly portions and/or separate matters for the same Client where one is Flat/Fixed Fee and the other is Time & Expense Hourly.

Please feel free to call me to discuss if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

  • Guest
  • Apr 9 2020
How often would you use this request?

This would solve numerous issues in addition to the example above for attorneys who have various engagement arrangements like myself. So, quite a bit, and it would save me from having to bombard clients with multiple invoices for the same matter, as sometimes a single client matter can have blended billing terms, such a fixed fee for the first 5-10 hours of time, while any work over and above the fixed fee amount of time allotted is billed on an hourly basis. Having to generate two matters in TimeSolv, when it is really one matter to the attorney and to the Client is not only time consuming but confusing to the Client as to why they would receive 2 separate bills - one for the Fixed Fee portion and one for the Time & Expense Hourly portion. Likewise, it becomes an accounting nightmare for the firm to have "two" separate matters in TimeSolv, which makes pulling reports, depositing funds, and applying funds very difficult. Additionally, for all attorneys who charge retainers (meaning non-refundable advance fees collected and earned upon receipt), this would allow those "retainer" bills to actually appear in A/R - as opposed to the only option now, which is to generate a "retainer" bill in TimeSolv that is not stored or reported anywhere technically.

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