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option to change titles on invoice/statements

It's definitely better, but a few things are still confusing from the perspective of a non-accountant, non-attorney client:

"Invoices/Credits" - the invoice amount may be a credit to us, but it's not for the client, who is the recipient of the invoice and statement. Can we just say "Invoice Amount"?

"Trust" - clients don't really understand the usage of the term "trust" with regard to retainer accounts. When we say "trust" they immediately start thinking of the trusts they hear about on TV like trust funds, beneficiary trusts, property trusts, etc. Can we just call it "Retainer"?

In other situations where the retainer account is not depleted and a balance remains, it would be good to also include their remaining retainer balance after the draw for the invoice they are receiving. These pieces of information, in this order, convey what they need to know:

Prior Retainer Balance:

Current Invoice:

Draw from Retainer:

New Retainer Balance:

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  • Mar 11 2020
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