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Allocation Date on Revenue and Commissions Report

When attempting to reconcile historical compensation each month, we have no way to tell when the collections were collected/allocated for a given professional's fees. The Payment History report is insufficient because it shows dates and amounts by invoice number only, not by professional. Accordingly, two of the same amounts paid on different dates by the client for the same invoice cannot be distinguished on this report, let alone correlated to the Revenue and Commissions report.

  • John Bamert
  • Jan 24 2024
  • Shipped
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  • John Bamert commented
    14 Apr 09:16pm

    Thank you, Shoaib, but your instructions do not provide a practical solution. With your approach, we would have to run a separate report for every day at the end of the month and again at the end of the year, which is impractical.

    First, we run this report once each month to calculate income for the month with the allocation date range being the first through last dates of the month.

    At the end of the year, however, we run this report for each month again based on allocation date to reconcile our accounts and catch any changes that were made in TimeSolv after the previous iteration of reports that were generated.

    Your approach would then force us to run this report 365 times at the end of the year to verify our income calculations, which is not practical.

    We need a column in this report that identifies the Payment Allocation Date for each record in the report so that we can run a single report every month or year to reconcile all historical allocations at once.

  • Admin
    Shoaib Mehmood commented
    12 Apr 06:26pm

    Thank you for your suggestion. You can select Payment Allocation Date from the 'Date For' dropdown to run the revenue and commmissions report based on the allocation date.