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Invoices and WIP Aging Report - Add Option to Exclude Matters with No Aging Invoice/WIP (i.e., $0.00)

We have hundreds of active matters, most of which do not have any Aging Invoices or WIP. When we run the Invoices and WIP Aging Report, it creates a report for every matter -- hundreds of pages. 95% of the report is $0.00 for all columns of Invoices and WIP Aging, which means the report is basically useless to us. We are forced to sift through hundreds of matters that are OK in order to find the matters with the aging invoice/WIP.

It would be great to have a checkbox option on the report submission page -- something like "Exclude matters that do not have any aging invoices or WIP".

  • Brian Banner
  • Jan 19 2024
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Before we transitioned to TimeSolv, we ran aging WIP and invoice reports on a monthly basis so that we can see where we need to focus our invoice/collection efforts.

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